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Leap Of Faith Farm
Home of Goldust's Firecracker and Master's Royal Jubilee
P.O. Box 3, 406 Doris Patton Road, Bradyville, TN 37026
Karen & Kirk Naylor, (615) 765-7215,
Breeding horses for: Trail, Pleasure, and Show
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Some of our babies and other horses we have had the pleasure to own.

Gift's Black Rose

Spotted Saddle Horse. Beauty's 2nd daughter, by Another Special Gift, a Black Roan, Another Masterpiece, grandson. Rosy is the nanny of the herd, even though she has never had her own foal yet, when we wean the babies, they take up with Rose and she takes care of them as if they were hers. She is a sweetheart to be around and as smooth gaited as her momma.

trip just born

Ebony's Triple Revelation

out of Sun's Golden Gal, by a Ebony Masterpiece son

Trip was the first baby born here at Leap Of Faith Farm, after I moved here. He is now a gelding and one I plan on for the kids to be able to get up out of the pasture and ride the trails with, he is a sweetheart, going close to 16h I'm sure by the time he's done growing. He also has walk for days, so I plan on playing with him in the show ring.

trip kissing

Here he is as a baby. Currenty, he is 2yrs. old.

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